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N. monticola (or N. lamii?):BE-3099 – 4 Small - Lot: B7520

  • City : not specified
  • City Area : not specified
  • Start date: 2023-09-15 09:00:00
  • End date: 2023-09-22 00:00:00
  • Current bid : $254
  • Published: 09/14/2023
  • Modified: 09/15/2023

Description :

We have sold this item only very rarely in the past and then as Nepenthes lamii, which is endemic to New Guinea and grows up to an altitude of over 3,500m, making it the highest altitude species in the genus. In this paper from 2011, an emended description was given and a new species, Nepenthes monticola, was introduced from the same mountain but at a lower altitude. This item was supplied to us in tissue culture in 2002 labelled as Nepenthes lamii from a source in Germany. Although we haven’t seen much evidence either way, we think on balance of probability that our item may be slightly more likely to be Nepenthes monticola, than Nepenthes lamii. Until and unless further evidence emerges, we are currently labelling it as Nepenthes monticola.

First introduced: 2006

Native Area: Doorman’s Top, New Guinea.

Source: From a single carefully selected clone out of microprop.

Photo notes: Plants shipped are of the same clone as shown in these photos. The last photo in the series shows typical small size sale plants.

Climate: Ultra-highland

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